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Written 17 March 2020 13:47
We at Umeå Fotbollsfestival want to update the registered teams, teams that are thinking about registering and everyone else who will somehow take part in this summer's tournament. Today, there is a decision to ban public events and public gahterings of more than 500 participants. At present, this does not affect the Umeå Fotbollsfestival July 23-July 26. Instead, we prepare in the usual way f... Read more

Welcome to Umeå July 23-July 26 2020!

The registration for 2020 is now open!

We offer a well-organized tournament where all matches are played within a few kilometers of central Umeå. The short distances between logic and game plans make it within walking distance to over half of the total number of matches in the festival. We offer a football adventure for children, young people, seniors and Parasport.

For four days, Umeå is the natural meeting place for players, leaders, supporters, families and relatives from different countries and cultures.
The tournament's festival center is located in the scenic area of Nydala with 12 natural grasses and direct proximity to camping and swimming. The Umelagun adventure park is just a stone's throw from Nydala's soccer fields.

Welcome to next summers big adventure - Umeå Football Festival!

Look at our new video from UFF 2019 here: