About UFF 2019

About Umeå Fotbollsfestival 2019 (July 25 - July 28)

Age Groups:
  • B8-G9 and G8-G9 (5-a-side)
  • B10-B12 and G10-G12 (7-a-side)
  • B13 and G13 (9-a-side)
  • B14-B16 and G14-G17/18 (11-a side)
  • Seniorclass (7-a-side)
  • Parasport Trophy (Disabled - 7-a-side)

In classes B8-B11 and G8-G11 guarantees six matches - no playoffs
A + B playoffs from ageclass 12 years - all guaranteed at least four games
Festival center on Nydala with 12 natural grass fields and direct proximity to the camping and swimming
All games are being played on Umeås finest playing fields
Disco for all participants of the festival on Friday and Saturday
Bus transportation between accommodation schools and playing fields
Opening ceremony in the centre of Umeå
Special offers for festival participants